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What Sets Steve's Trees Apart?

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  • We supply some of the most beautiful and healthy mature olive trees in California!
    (We don’t move ugly trees!™)
  • Trusted by landscape architects, contractors, and project partners throughout California for over 26 years
  • End-to-end support: Supply, transportation & installation or freight-on-board delivery to your location (from Northern to Southern California)
  • 26 years of experience safely and skillfully digging, moving, and planting large olive trees
  • Well-pruned but not decapitated trees – (Did we mention that we don’t move ugly trees!?)
  • End-to-end support from our Olive Tree orchards to your location
  • No expensive crane rentals required! We set your trees for you. (meet the Boom Truck)
  • No drama, no hassle, no BS – just beautiful trees delivered to your doorstop or your project!!

Full Service Olive Tree Supply, Delivery, and Install

  • Personalized Tree Selection (you pick the tree)
  • Site Consultation (we’ll help you pick the right spot and prepare you for delivery)
  • Digging & wrapping of tree (done carefully to not damage the tree)
  • Transportation to Site (in our amazing boom truck!)
  • Tree-Setting on-Site (also done with our boom truck)
  • Service Area: Northern California to Central Coast (Santa Barbara) and beyond!

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